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RFP: Eddie, mod_backhand


I don't have time nor does I want to maintain those packages but I'd like
to see them packaged [ i'd really like that someone takes a few hours to
package those instead of spending hours reading the non-free thread :-) ]

|Eddie http://www.eddieware.org
|Erlang Public License (DFSG compatible since Erlang is already in main)

|mod_backhand http://www.backhand.org
|Apache style license (certainly DFSG compatible)

mod_backhand is an Apache module that allows to redirect some request to
other servers depending on various parameter like the load. That's why it
can be used as a load-balancing solution. You can choose which part of the
site needs to be load-balanced (eg only time consuming CGI scripts) by
adding some .htaccess files with special directives.

Eddie description taken from a doc found on the web site :
The Eddie team mission is to provide the tools which allow the
construction of mission critical internet sites providing a continual high
level of service focused upon the customer, attuned to the 
needs of the service provider. 

Eddie provides:
*    The ability to create a truly distributed web server infrastructure.
     Eddie supports web servers spread over multiple physical sites,
     spread over many continents.
*    Enhanced web server throughput. Eddie provides sophisticated load
     balancing capabilities allowing full access to the entire capacity of
     a distributed web server.
     This in turn delivers:
     - Increased revenue for web servers supporting e-commerce applications.
     - Improved personnel productivity for web servers supporting work
       group applications.
*    Performance optimisation. Eddie allows web administrators to dedicate
     optimised machines to particular tasks, thereby maximising the
     potential throughput of their distributed web server. 
*    Long term scalability. Eddie provides a natural growth path for a
     distributed web server, while continuing to give users  quality of
*    User quality of service. Eddie ensures that users accessing a web
     site receive rapid response to each and every jump to a new link
     within the site for their entire interaction.
*    Reliability. Eddie allows automatic detection of failed units within
     the distributed server and automatic takeover of functionality by
     active units. 
*    Flexibility. Eddie supports Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD and Windows NT,
     and a range of third party web server software, including Apache.

Raphaël Hertzog -+- http://strasbourg.linuxfr.org/~raphael/

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