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Re: Mutt & Mail-Followup-To header (Re: old bugs info)

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Fabrice Gautier wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 13, 2000 at 01:39:44PM +0100, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> > 
> > BTW, your Mail-Followup-To header was wrong ("bridgett" is not a local
> > email address on my machine).
> We are a few with this broken header - at least I noticed 3.
> Here is what I think is the explanation. This occurs if you :

There's another problem with the "Mail-Followup-To:" header: Some mail
clients (including my pine) don't recognize it, and I can't find a RFC
that defines it.

> Fabrice Gautier


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