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Re: Removing non-free - reality check.

> 	I wonder, would perhaps a better compramise be to require for
> non-free that apt come up and inform the user of the license and ask
> them if they agree before installing it?
> 	Perhaps w/ a flag that experianced users (who have already
> looked over the license and know what they're getting into) can use
> to turn it off?
> 	This retains the control and makes users much more aware that
> the software they are installing is non-free...

Hmm, might be worth a shot. 

Even though, I see a second point (possibly a minor one) for moving
non-free OFF debian.org: Donations.
If you want really anti-non-free minded companies to jump on the
debian bandwagon, it might be worth while if non-free was hosted
and cared for separately as it would be obvious, that non-free
would NOT benefit from any donation towards a free debian.
And those companies, that donate now will most likely still donate
to debian.org in the future as well...


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