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compromise: MOVING non-free (was: General Resolution: Removing non-free)

Hi there,

  can someone please enlighten me about what kind of peanuts we're
all arguing about? 

  My personal viewpoint on this matter:

	- I DO appreciate some Debian people wanting to get rid of 
	  non-free software from debian.org.

	- I DO appreciate HAVING the non-free software available.

  But - where is the trouble - MOVING the non-free software
somewhere else?

  I would suggest, making a second hierarchy (maybe even on the same
machine as Debian.org), but hosted on a different domain. I have
just created debian-non-free.org (so that noone else will just claw
it for personal profit) for exactly that matter in case the
compromise is accepted. In case the compromise finds a broader
acceptance I will turn over the domain (for free - as in free beer)
to whoever hosts the new domain. I would suggest, that the new
domain will just continue the non-free stuff, while basically
adhering to the same rules that the "regular" Debian.org does,
except that it will ONLY consist of the NON-FREE software. It
should not be regarded as "competiton" to debian.org, but as a
complement to it.

  Personally I don't have the neccessary resources hosting the
site, but I would be willing to also financially contributing to
hosting a machine for the non-free stuff somewhere separately if
need be.

  There never was much of a problem having separate sources for
separate parts of the distribution, so why should we fight about
that now?

  All that is lost in this miserable discussion is time and energy
that could be used in creating/maintaining more software for the
Debian distribution.

Would anyone second THIS?


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