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Re: New Maintainer issues

"Richard A. Hecker" wrote:
> >... [deleted quote of something of a different topic]
> Since there is so much discussion about the welfare of Debian,
> could I direct a little of it to the New Maintainer process?
> I am in the queue and thought  that
> having someone sign my key was going to be a trivial process.
> I have seen multiple key signing requests from others.

Have you considered using the method of sending in a scanned
picture ID?  I remember that being in the list of four or
so ID verification methods.

> If some of this energy used in these debates was spent to
> "close the eye-ball loop", I think the project would benefit ;-)

Where are you?  You might want to include that with any
reposts.  I made my location very clear, and got my key
signed right after the weekend.

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