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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

Mark Brown wrote:

> Matthew Vernon <mcv21@cam.ac.uk> writes:

> > That is so blatently untrue. Now, I can say apt-get install trn or
> > whatever, and it works. Who will "support our users who want to use
> > non-free software"? Where will the install queue run? Where will the
> > non-free BTS live?

> If non-free cannot continue to exist without Debian providing a crutch
> for it, that says a lot.  A LOT.  It means that there is not enough
> demand out there for non-free to exist on its own merits, and that
> therefore we should not bother.

I am a debian user who has been silent thus far. I think highly enough
of it that quite a few of my friends now use it and are happier off.

The first question is "Is there enough demand for non-free to exist".
How does the distro choose to see if there is enough demand for a
package? If a developer chooses to package and maintain it, it can be
part of the distro. Why not use the same measuring stick for non-free?

The second question, "Should Debian provide a crutch for non-free?". The
purpose of a distribution is the bring things together. In my opinion,
providing a crutch is a good thing. This is the very purpose of a

I do not want to get involved in this flame war. Please breathe in
deeply, and respond to any of the points above. Please flame any of the
points above. I request that you do not flame me.


Ajit Krishnan
gpg key 794AE458

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