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General Resolution: Removing non-free

Disclaimer: I'm not a developer yet, but I'm in the new-maintainer
queue.  I have used Debian since version 1.3.

I could pose a point-by-point rebuttal to the rationale behind 
this resolution, but it seems to me that the assumption is 
that making it difficult for people to use non-free software on 
Debian will encourage people to use exclusively free software, 
which will benefit the Free Software community.

Instead, the likely impact of this resolution is that users
who currently need to or choose to use non-free software will use
another distribution.  You may view this as no loss.  I disagree.

If you wish to convince people to use free software, I would venture
that it is easier to do so once they are using Debian, rather than
virtually force them to make the leap before they install.

Robert Merkel	                           rgmerk@mira.net


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