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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

** On Jun 09, Adam McKenna scribbled:

> > > think Debian could stop distributing non-free software?
> > When we can offer the users replacement for *every* piece of non-free
> > software which will meet their requirements - meaning, which will be at
> > least as good as the non-free software we want to expell from Debian. It's
> > as easy as that.
> Excellent point.  In other words, the only "refuge" for non-free software is
> a lack of equivalent free software. 
Definitely. And the fact that there's no match for the non-free software
should direct our productivity towards creating such matches, not towards
political decisions that have no relation to the reality of the moment. I
was born in a communist country where everyone was "free" (not free") but
restricted by... political statements of many kinds. It was a "democracy"
whithout people having any influence on the govt's decisions. In a word,
nice facade with rotten backyard. I can't help this situation reminds me
those days...


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