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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

** On Jun 08, Jeff Licquia scribbled:

> And, technically, they're right.  Sure, we exclude it from our CDs,
> but our default sources.list has non-free right there.  What is the
> difference between, say, "apt-get install mozilla" and "apt-get
> install netscape" to our users?  Do they understand that there is a
> difference?
First of all, for most *users* Netscape is as free as Mozilla - they don't
pay a quid for neither, so? You wan't to politically educate the users,
teach them about the nuances of GPL/LGPL/Artistic/BSD and other licenses? If
so, fine - go ahead, but I'm afraid that software distribution isn't the
right media for such kind of education.


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