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Re: New Debian Maintainers

"Juergen A. Erhard" proclaimed:
> This is very interesting: How many 10s of thousands are on d-a?  Could
> we put this number somewhere on www.debian.org?  It's a good marketing
> thing, I'd say ("Whaddaya mean, `Debian is a marginal dist'?  Look how
> many users are on our announcements list!")

> PS: Another publicity item that I can't get out of my mind would be a
> collection of "Testimonials" and/or "Famous Users".  What do you think
> a "Neal Stephenson uses Debian" would look?  And if we'd get him to
> write a paragraph... *droool* Of course we'd have to (try to) get
> permission from the various `entitied'.

Didn't you hear in the "remove non-free" thread?  Debian is not a
popularity contest.

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