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ITP: minimalist

	I have packaged Minimalist, which is a small, fast and easy mail
list server written in Perl:

  Minimalist has these features:

   - subscribing/unsubscribing users by request
   - several levels of security
   - additional services such as information about list, archiving lists,
     information about users of list and so on
   - support for read-only/closed/mandatory lists
   - support for Blacklist
   - logging activity

  Minimalist has also a notion of 'trusted users'. They have full rights to
  subscribe/unsubscribe other users; get any information related to lists
  and users.

License is GPL. It can be downloaded at http://www.mml.org.ua/


Fernando Sanchez
fer@debian.org http://[gpul.org|debian.org|alfa21.com|www.linux.eu.org/eulug]

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