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Re: network installer uses HTTP instead of FTP to load base2_2.tgz

>> Ron Flory <ron.flory@adtran.com> writes:

 >  For the case of this discussion imagine that we are performing a
 > network install on more than one machine, and we do NOT have a
 > Debian CD available.  We DO have a network connection to a local
 > mirror of the Debian directory structure which contains all the
 > necessary files for our arch.  Since we have a network connection
 > and the installer is able to access the network, it would be silly
 > to force the user to manually split the base2_2.tgz file into small
 > enough chunks to fit on floppies. 

Just as a side note, a few days ago I installed debian on a slow
machine, with no CD-ROM and no network connection at that time.  If
figured using floppies was going to be a soul cleansing experience :)
and went ahead, only to be stopped by the fact that base won't fit in
anything but some 10-15 floppies.  Since the other machine which I was
able to use to write this particular set of floppies[*] was connected
via a 30 meter long sneakernet connection, and it was turning out to
be a pain to go to one, write, go back, test, find out it won't work
(damm floopies!) and repeat until done.  After some iterations I just
popped, disconnected the HD, took it to the other room, connected it
to the net-connected machine, downloaded everything and took it back.
This turned out to be a strike of good luck, because later I found the
kernel can't read floppies on this machine.  This is documented on
http://mac.linux-m68k.org/, but I don't recall reading that bit of
information on the installation guide (which turns out to be generally
more helpful than the linux-m68k docs).



[*] The target machine is a Mac IIsi which doesn't like DOS floppies
    much (if at all), so I had to use another Mac to write the

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