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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote:

> Debian is about principle, not marketing.

Yes, it would be really great, if we follow the principle, but have no
users, who can see our principles, which make our "product" unusable
for normal users.

> If distributing non-free software is a marketing point for Debian,
> whoa.  Something has really gone awry here.

Where do you live?  The number of packages and the quality of packages
is a big marketing point for Debian.  The "freeness" of Debian is
another marketing point, but if necessary parts are missing in this
"free" Debian, users will either have to fetch the missing parts
elsewhere or go the easy way and get a different distribution.

> We are doing the right thing with KDE.  We are standing up for our
> principles, and our users are supporting us in that.

Are you really sure about this?  Have a look how many use the
unofficial KDE packages from tdyc.com (without a bug tracking system
and as a consequence with lower quality than normal Debian packages).
And think about how many user went away, because Debian doesn't ship
KDE.  Okay, the number may not be too high, because there is Gnome as
an alternative and many Debian users take themselves for "power
users", who don't need a desktop environment but only a simple window
BTW: according to the popularity-contest approximately 20% of us
installed some KDE packages...



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