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Re: Clarifications

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote:

> 11. My proposal does not ban the use of BTS, mailinglists, or other
> Debian infrastructure -- short of actually distributing the software
> -- from being used for the continued maintenance of non-free software.

This sounds very inconsequent to me.  On the one hand you plan to
completely ban non-free software from our archives, on the other hand
you offer to use the BTS, the upload queues, the developer-keyring,...

You also wrote, that you want to keep contrib on the Debian servers,
where most packages will be uninstallable, because the dependencies
cannot fulfilled.

All this sounds to me, as you are trying to (blindly) remove non-free
from our archives and to hide the consequences by telling us, that
nothing will change.  But I don't see how the BTS can be used by
packages, which aren't handled by Debian (why doesn't the BTS handle
reports for the KDE packages now?).

And don't forget: All intended and implied changes consume human
power.  Human power, which IMHO could be better used to support free
software instead of engrave principles in stone...



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