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Re: Clarifications

Roland Rosenfeld <roland@spinnaker.de> writes:

> John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote:
> > 11. My proposal does not ban the use of BTS, mailinglists, or other
> > Debian infrastructure -- short of actually distributing the software
> > -- from being used for the continued maintenance of non-free software.
> This sounds very inconsequent to me.  On the one hand you plan to
> completely ban non-free software from our archives, on the other hand
> you offer to use the BTS, the upload queues, the developer-keyring,...

I do not support those.  I merely offer the olive branch as a
compromise to the more hard-line people on the other side.  It is not
me being inconsistent; it is me trying to build a consensus.

> You also wrote, that you want to keep contrib on the Debian servers,
> where most packages will be uninstallable, because the dependencies
> cannot fulfilled.

I did not write that I want to keep most packages installable.  I also
am unsure that I want to keep contrib around indefinately.  This GR
does not touch contrib.

> nothing will change.  But I don't see how the BTS can be used by
> packages, which aren't handled by Debian (why doesn't the BTS handle
> reports for the KDE packages now?).

It could if Debian wanted it to.  Perhaps it would be useful for the
transition.  Perhaps not.

> And don't forget: All intended and implied changes consume human
> power.  Human power, which IMHO could be better used to support free
> software instead of engrave principles in stone...

Weak argument, human power is being used to support non-free software

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