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Re: General Resolution If passed.

> Regrettfully... with a teary eye we must realize that IF this ever passes...
> high likelihood it looks like... a good bulk of us will have to go with
> FreeBSD...*gasp*. since there is no better Linux than Debian :-S... ahh well

That is what I am already considering as a change in policy. What I hate, have 
always hated and shall continue to hate are fanatics.

Not all people can publish software under GPL or even artistic for the matter. 
This is life as is now. Walk down the street in Colorado or Silicon Valley and 
ask for the Intellectual Property section of the Terms of Employment at every 
door. I will be amazed if more one out of 100 actually even allows you to 
publish anything under GPL. It is more around one out of 1000.

These people can contribute to the extent they are allowed. But I am sorry 
their management will show them the door the minute they will sign under such 
a fanatic point of view.

> such is life.  I know I probably won't maintain a patchwork adulterated


> install of Debian.  The best thing about Debian was its near flawless
> ability to provide everything I wanted in the least broken way (even in a
> frozen distribution)  Nothing else came close...even out of the box on


Same here. 

Same in quite a lot of other places. Whoever thinks that Debian popularity is 
about the free software ideal (OK I have to put my asbestous armor here) is 
wrong. Majority of users use it because of quality. It works. Same stands for 
derived distros. Debian has spawned that many offspring also because it works, 
not because of its purity.

I actually stand corrected. The ideal has been popular with the developers. Oh 
well, debian can go on to become a developer only distro and all lusers can go 
suck. Long live BOFH.

> vanilla hardware.  Slackware is kind of a joke.  Redhatten are too
> commercialized.. and they install in a rather ugly fashion... the commercial

And they suck as quality. There has not been a case where RedHat (and 
Slackware) for the matter has shipped with working dbm libs. Under working I 
mean reentrant, with working locking and not crashing on 200MB dbm files. Same 
goes for libregexp, same goes for quite a lot of stuff.


P.S.: I cannot be as I am working for one of the 999 out of 1000. See above.

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