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Re: General Resolution If passed.

Regrettfully... with a teary eye we must realize that IF this ever passes...
high likelihood it looks like... a good bulk of us will have to go with
FreeBSD...*gasp*. since there is no better Linux than Debian :-S... ahh well
such is life.  I know I probably won't maintain a patchwork adulterated
install of Debian.  The best thing about Debian was its near flawless
ability to provide everything I wanted in the least broken way (even in a
frozen distribution)  Nothing else came close...even out of the box on
vanilla hardware.  Slackware is kind of a joke.  Redhatten are too
commercialized.. and they install in a rather ugly fashion... the commercial
Debia are based on Slink backports... what is one to do if they want the
latest greatest and most stable Linux distro that is heavily standardized...
Debian was and is the answer.... will it continue to be... not necessarily.


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