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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

Drake Diedrich <Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au> writes:

> John Goerzen.   A fanatic who has labelled all non-free software users and
> maintainers immoral and wants us out of the project.  See point 6, the most
> important one.

The fact that I did not say that notwithstanding, let me add:

1. I have been one of Debian's most steadfast supporters of Free
Software for years.

2. I have long held this "no compromise" attitude with respect to
non-free software.  This has not changed.  I have written with this
conviction since before the start of the archives of -devel.  I have
written about this in my papers on my website.  I have written about
it in my books.  I have given talks about Free Software.  I have done
school work about Free Software.  I started a successful LUG as a way
to promote Free Software.  I write, fix, and port Free Software.  I
run servers for Free Software projects, paid for out of my own pocket
with my own money.  I find it highly insulting that you would presume
that, even though I have devoted years of my life and many dollars to
the cause, that I have some hidden agenda.  That is simply not so.  I
propose this because I believe it will help Debian, and thus Free
Software.  You may disagree with me on the merits of this proposal, as
many have, but my sincerity and devotion to Free Software cannot be in

3. I have turned down jobs because the code I would write was to be
distributed in a non-free manner.

4. One reason I accepted this job was because everything the company
writes will be GPL'd and given to Debian.  We'll work to integrate
into Debian whatever changes Debian wants.

5. I find it highly ironic that I should have to prove myself a worthy
person to propose a Resolution to strengthen Free Software here, of
all places.

6. The person that proposes it is irrelevant.  The content of the
Resolution is what matters.

> Bruce Perens.  A control freak who as DPL told us all to fuck off when he

I have spoken to Bruce for a total of about 5 minutes, and that was at
LinuxExpo two years ago.  I doubt he remembers the conversation.

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Sr. Software Developer, Progeny Linux Systems, Inc.    www.progenylinux.com
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