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RE: General Resolution: Removing non-free

> The number of packages available has always been a marketing 
> point.  Back before debian became as popular as it is now, 
> the "ads" (remarks in public forums, etc.) always touted the 
> sheer number of packages that Debian had as opposed to other 
> distros.  You now want to pull the rug out from under those
> users who started using debian because of its completeness 
> and ease of use.
Debian has always been about free software.  I don't see why
this needs to be such a big deal.

We have several commercial entities that use Debian, and I don't
see why one of them couldn't provide the services needed for
an FTP archive, and the minimal extras needed to handle the BTS.

- VA Linux
- Caldera
- Stormix
- Ian's Debian effort

Gosh, even Bruce Peren's startup should be capable of handling 

Apt could come with the "non-free" sources line present in the
sample configuration file.  Everyone could continue operating
as normal.  Apt makes it effortless to pull the Non-free packages
from another site.

We are not a commercial entity, and most of the old geezers on
this list (like me) don't care that much about being the "biggest"
or the "coolest".  We just want to stay true to our principals.


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