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RE: KDE questions

Title: RE: KDE questions

My guess would be 2 reasons

1. I can forsee many commercial Firewall vendors wishing to incorporate or use ssh in some fashion.

2. The same reasons that 180 messages were in this group about the GR.  Portions of GNU have become overly fanatical without contributing to the actual spread of free software.  I guess they can just avoid thousands of flames if they say tough crap... it's under the BSD license (still free but..) or whichever license they may choose.

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On Jun 07, Josip Rodin wrote:
> Another solution would be to rewrite those parts that contain other people's
> code. I doubt anyone would volunteer normally; however seeing that $3K
> offer, I wouldn't be surprised if someone does. :)

Hell, the OpenBSD folk went to a lot of trouble to de-GNU-ify SSH, and
they were doing it for free.

Now *why* they went to that trouble is slightly beyond my comprehension...


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