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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

>>"Branden" == Branden Robinson <branden@ecn.purdue.edu> writes:

 Branden> You color your language interestingly, fully aware of the
 Branden> the fact that the Debian Social Contract isn't a "contract"
 Branden> in the sense that a group of individuals create a contract
 Branden> with each other.

	Interesting. So our collective word means so little to you,
 that you are now arguing in lawyerease that we can't be held to our
 word? This is not a position that I would like to be associated

 Branden> Before we can talk about "reneging" on such an agreement we
 Branden> have to consider whether it is even truly possibly to do so,
 Branden> and if so, what would constitute reneging.

	veeery clinotesque. This rates right there with `it dependes
 on what the meaning of the word is is'.

 Branden> Debian is a somewhat well defined group of individuals, and
 Branden> therefore we can each be considered signators to the social
 Branden> contract.  But who has signed for the free software
 Branden> community?

 	Quite frankly, sir, this line of doublespeak and solipsim
 disgusts me. You may well chose for us to renege on our word, but
 word play and sophistry shall not change the fact that we are, in
 this GR, going against the social contract, and reneging on the word
 we gave, It matter little to me that the word we gave is inadmissible
 in a court of law. 

 "Never give in.  Never give in.  Never. Never. Never." Winston
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