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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

A lowly user interrupts:

If the debian system goal is for its users to use only debian packages
then I think the resolution will probably always too optimistic. I still
need to both
read and write MS compatible file types (.doc, .ppt, .xls) completely.
That is without compromising formatting. I also need a flexible browser. I
have tried mozilla and I'm deeply underwhelmed. It may be true that in a
couple of years, you will be able to solve all the outstanding problems
with current non-free software. However, I'm sure that newer applications
will arise and that you will be behind the curve on some of them. A good
example if xpdf. pdf files have changed their format so that xpdf misses
some features. I use it when I can, but it is not a complete solution. 

I'm not trying to tell you your business. Honstly, if this resolution were
to pass, it would only mean that, at times, I would have a hybrid system.
I'm only trying to impress on you that there are now, and will
probably be in the future, real computing needs that will not be met by
only free software. IMHO you are painting yourselves into a corner

Arthur H. Edwards
712 Valencia Dr. NE
Abq. NM 87108

(505) 256-0834

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