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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free, Draft 2

My questions may have been addressed in the original thread, but I've
stopped reading mid-way through as it appears to have degenerated into
something of a rwar.

>   1. That text of Section 5 be modified to read: "We acknowledge
>   that some of our users require the use of programs that don't
>   conform to the Debian Free Software Guidelines.  While we will not
>   distribute such software itself, we have created areas in our
>   archive for packages that help install or otherwise requre this
>   software.  The software in these areas is not part of the Debian
>   system, although it has been configured for use with Debian."  The
>   title of Section 5 shall be modified to read: "We will support
>   users of our system who develop or run non-free software."

I find the wording of your proposed second sentence confusing.  "we
will not distribute" and "we have created areas in our archive" seem
at odds with me---it sounds like you're saying there will be some new
area created on, say, ftp-master for holding non-free software, but
that we will not allow it to be mirrored?  At the risk of bogging
things down in discussing mechanism, could you perhaps clarify this
here with specifics?

I'm also curious, if you wouldn't mind repeating it, to hear your
response to Manoj's questions regarding things that are in non-free
because of restrictions on commercial use.  Without trying to load the
question (and perhaps failing), do you really feel such projects are
unworthy of support, even though they are at odds with the DFSG on
this one point?


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