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Then let them offer the reward to TrollTech; they are the problem.

It's nice that someone's doing this... but evidentally, it's not
a researched effort if they are not asking trolltech to change
their license. On the other hand, KDE could switch to GTK... but
that effort is probably worth closer to $30k (and NO, I'm NOT offering
because I do NOT care: I was interested at one time, but so long as
the license problem went on, I was not willing to even look at it. Now,
even if they completely get their act together one way or another, I
still won't care.)

So: the url is interesting, but the concept is flawed due to 
the specific details. 

Let this thread die right here. Kenneth, PLEASE don't make debian-devel
an extension of slashdot. I, for one, don't care and don't have time.


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