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A bug, but where? (ncurses, xterm or zile)

I have a bug filed against zile, and am finally able to reproduce

1. start a fresh xterm (rxvt or others don't seen to evoke the bug)

2. fill the xterm with some output, so that the prompt is some way
   down from the top

3. start zile

4. get past the first help screen, close the help buffer if you have
   one (C-x 1) so that you're left with only one buffer in sight.

5. delete everything in that buffer (ESC < C-k C-k ...)

6. type something into the first line, press "enter" at least twice

7. exit zile (C-x C-c)

8. the shell prompt appears in the *second line* of the xterm, instead
   of below the last prompt

Can anybody else reproduce this with this recipe?

Does anybody have an idea where the problem might come from?

As far as I can see, zile uses ncurses correctly ( (almost) the first
thing executed is initscr(), the last thing executed is endwin() ).


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