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Re: Should we divide Debian to usable and unusable

Sami Haahtinen wrote:
> on my opinion we should consider somehow separating the totally unusable
> stuff from the normal stuff, and those who need it, could just say that
> i want that and that. it's much easier for someone to say what he wants
> if he knows what he is talking about, than those who don't have a clue
> about anything.

Sami, I've seen other people reply to this.  But you persist.

1) "totally unusable stuff" doesn't make it past the freeze (or shouldn't).
   That's the point of the freeze.

2) Newbies are constantly told "don't run unstable" by all clued users.
   The ones that persist are either very dumb, and fail.  Or very
   intelligent, and succeed after mastering the learning curve (In which
   case they then understand why unstable isn't recommended.)

3) Debian has never (IMHO) been a distro aimed at "those who don't have a
   clue about anything".  That's the goal of another distro (I'll leave
   the deduction of which distro as an exercise for the reader).  Debian
   has historically been aimed at people who have a supply of clues.  We
   cannot be all things to all people, and Debian isn't about domination
   of market shares.  If we try to be about that, we will fail.  And lose
   many discriminating users along the way.  Leave mass market considera-
   tions to distros who must consider them, in order to satisfy stockholder
   demands for profits.  We are not about World Domination.


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