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Re: Should we divide Debian to usable and unusable

On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 02:00:07PM +0300, Sami Haahtinen wrote:
> i'm sorry if i made some one angry with this, but we should still think
> about the end users,

Thinking about users isn't the issue. Whether to placate them with
the pretty lolly-pop of Big Version Numbers, or to actually fix the
software is.

> 'This crashes even more than my windows95' 

``Well, then, maybe GNU/Linux or Debian isn't for you.''

> once again, one happy customer turned away.

Because, uh, they weren't actually happy with what they got? Seems like
a pretty good reason to turn away to me.

> yes i know this is going to make even more people angry, but this is
> the case.

What are you going on about? No one's angry here, we (or, at least, I)
just think you're suggestion is poorly thought out, and as it stands
pretty blatantly ridiculous.

> on my opinion we should consider somehow separating the totally unusable
> stuff from the normal stuff

Now this might be a good idea, but you've given not a single actual example
of any unusable software in Debian, nor an even vaguely accurate way of
finding any. Feel free to come back when you have.


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