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Re: Which kernels to keep?

On Mon, May 29, 2000 at 03:01:33AM -0700 , Joseph Carter wrote:
> This brings up the point of installation disks..  As much as I know people
> don't like the idea (I'm not fond of it either), do the boot floppies
> planned for potato have a few different sets for different occasions?


> That is, is there a set optimized for notebooks which generally need

not for notebooks specially

> pcmcia and apm, but don't need traditional network or SCSI, etc?

yes, -idepci and -udma66

> Is our current boot floppy system even that flexible yet?  (I realize this

more or less yes
> isn't your department dark, but I figured it was worth asking in case it's
> something that needs work for woody..)

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