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Re: ssh priority standard (?)

On Fri, May 26, 2000 at 08:07:10AM -0400, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > You've had, what, four months of freeze to fix these silly bugs, if
> > you're not done now, it's *too late*. Wait for woody and fix them then.
> What's all this "you" talk?  You want to talk to me about my bugs?

s/you/we/ig, perhaps, then. I've specifically ignored looking at any X
related bugs because I'm sure you've got them well under control, or
will have soon enough.

> You are free to campaign with dark to prevent this release from being
> accepted into frozen.  But I've already spoken with both he and Wichert
> about it, and they seem to think it's a good idea.  If I fix a spelling or
> grammatical error in debian/copyright while I'm at it, I challenge you to
> justify the package's rejection.

Note that the hypothetical problems I listed don't apply in this case:
any problems a documentation change might cause will happen anyway
because of other necessary changes to your package. And it's been
Richard's philosophy throughout the freeze to allow such changes.

My previous message was talking about package updates to fix minor bugs,
and with no other changes.

> > aj, who'd've thought Branden would've been much more timid about
> >     apparently innocuous changes around the freeze after the X split.
> Maybe if you understood the history of that event you'd be less inclined to
> speculate thus on my reasoning.


] Because it's too late.  They've already been renamed.  If I had
] appreciated the difficulties this would have caused me four months
] ago when I first drafted my proposal, I would have renamed only two
] packages -- xbase and xfntbig.  I would have let the rest wait for more
] support infrastructure from our packaging system.  I was much less
] aware of dpkg's limitations at the time.  

From http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-devel-9901/msg02123.html

What I meant by the above was that unforseen problems can and do fuck
things up royally. Examples from this freeze seem to be xchat and epic4
which had a run of new upstream versions that surely couldn't have caused
problems, that did, repeatedly.

Similarly, unseen problems in the Great X Renaming caused it to blow
out into a much bigger issue than it had any right to be.

> All the above said, it would make the release manager's job easier -- and
> help us avoid unexpected problems in packages -- if most developers were at
> least as meticulous about documenting their changes as I am, but hoping for
> that is probably pretty pointless.


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