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Re: ITP seahorse

On 2000-05-24 at 23:32 +0100, Julian Gilbey wrote:

> On Wed, May 24, 2000 at 11:42:27AM -0400, Mike Bilow wrote:
> > On 2000-05-24 at 13:26 +0100, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> > 
> > > If it's not a stupid idea, can't we have symlinks to the same image
> > > with names "US Domestic" and "Non-US", with an explanation that they
> > > are the same for anyone who wants to read the explanation?
> > 
> > This is exactly what I do NOT want.  Calling the image "US domestic" would
> > lead to CD makers in the US incorrectly pressing that version.  No one
> But the "US domestic" version is the one with non-US/main included.
> I think I wasn't clear enough.

Well, maybe you were, but if I did not follow you then it stands to reason
that at least one of us must not agree about the clarity. :)

> It is clear to me that the option must be available.
> Maybe have the "Official Debian 2.2 CD" and the "Official Debian 2.2
> (US Exportable) CD"?  Would that be clearer?

I think there is a need to make clear and evident that the "full" version
is not US-exportable.  Perhaps "Official Debian 2.2 CD (Full version, not
US-exportable)" and "Official Debian 2.2 CD (US-exportable)" would work.
Here are the requirements as I see them:

1. US vendors need to know to press the full version for domestic sales;
2. Non-US vendors need to know to press the full version for all sales;
3. US vendors need to know not to export the full version.

Any labels which meet all three of these requirements would be acceptable.

-- Mike

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