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Re: ITP seahorse

On Wed, May 24, 2000 at 11:42:27AM -0400, Mike Bilow wrote:
> On 2000-05-24 at 13:26 +0100, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> > If it's not a stupid idea, can't we have symlinks to the same image
> > with names "US Domestic" and "Non-US", with an explanation that they
> > are the same for anyone who wants to read the explanation?
> This is exactly what I do NOT want.  Calling the image "US domestic" would
> lead to CD makers in the US incorrectly pressing that version.  No one

But the "US domestic" version is the one with non-US/main included.
I think I wasn't clear enough.

> really wants to press the US-exportable version at all!  US vendors really
> want the non-US version for domestic sale, and non-US vendors really want
> the non-US version for sale everywhere.  The only reason the US-exportable
> version exists is for electronic mirrors within the US.  There are no
> restrictions against the use of encryption within the US, and the domestic
> version produced by US vendors should include it.

I have an even more radical idea.  Why don't we contact two or three
US-based vendors and see if they have any suggestions?

> This state of affairs is precisely why we find these regulations so
> maddeningly stupid in the US.  We cannot sell something to the rest of the
> world (a CD) which is (a) freely available outside the US and (b) imported
> into the US from outside in the first place.  US vendors could choose to
> press the US-exportable version for sale to foreign countries, but no one
> in their right mind would buy such a thing, since the complete version
> would be available from every vendor outside the US.

(a) I have, in the past, bought CD's from Walnut Creek.  I'd heard of
    them, and that's where I got my first Debian CDs from.  (And no, I
    didn't know anything about politics or Slackware or what-have-you
    in those days, so no flames please.)  And I don't live in the US.

(b) When slink was released, LinuxCentral kindly offered every
    developer up to two sets of slink CDs.  And there are plenty of
    non-US developers who would have only been able to receive a
    US-exportable version from them as LinuxCentral is US-based.

It is clear to me that the option must be available.

Maybe have the "Official Debian 2.2 CD" and the "Official Debian 2.2
(US Exportable) CD"?  Would that be clearer?



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