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Re: Bug#64605: Gets confused if repacking in user home directory

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> Can anyone tell me why debian makes home directories sgid? Ie, I have
> this on a fairly recent install:
> drwxr-sr-x   38 joey     joey         3072 May 24 12:41 /home/joey
> I don't think home directories used to be made this way.

As far as I have used Debian (from 1.2 onwards), home directories have 
always been setgid by default.

The following appears in /etc/adduser.conf:

# The USERGROUPS variable can be either "yes" or "no".  If "yes" each
# created user will be given their own group to use as a default, and
# their home directories will be g+s.  If "no", each created user will
# be placed in the group whose gid is USERS_GID (see below).

	- Ruud de Rooij.
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