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Re: minimal boot/install CD

On Wed, 24 May 2000, Kenneth Scharf wrote:

> I have a dsl connection to the 'net (but even if I
> didn't, I could use a modem) and several computers
> that I would like to install debian on.  What I'd like
> to create is a bootable CD that would have the
> contents of the boot, root, driver, and base images on
> it.  All this stuff takes about 15 floppies or so.  
> The idea is to insert the boot CD and then install the
> base system (which I believe is necessary in order to
> bring up PPP and a modem connection to the 'net).  At
> this point I can continue to use apt-get install, or
> dselect to get the rest of the system.
> What files do I need to create such a minimal bootable
> CD, and how do I create such a beast?  Also if I have
> a  LAN which provides a high speed 'net connection (so
> I don't need PPP) do I still need to install the base
> image? IE: does the root image have apt-get in it or
> is that in the base image?
> With CD burners now common, it is now possible to do
> the equivilent of a floppy install over the 'net using
> a bootable CD.  Has anyone thought of providing such a
> minimal 'iso image (would be < 100mb I think, might
> even fit on one of those business card cd's!).  What a
> great way to kick start a debian 'net install on a
> virgin computer without needing windoze!

A more recent version (that supposedly is "going to be official" sometime) is

This should have latest boot stuff, and also a small selection of packages.

  Anne Bezemer

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