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Re: A simple problem

"Dayse Regina Pereira" <dayseregina@uol.com.br> writes:

> I'm just start with debian and i have a problem wich i don't know
> who i should contact so i decided to try you. I forget my password
> and i can't enter in my machine as root or as any user, how can i
> change the password of any user or of a root to restart to use my
> Linux partition?
Boot from CD or floppy and pop up a root shell and edit /etc/passwd
for an empty root pwd. If you don't have a CDROM, you can try to get a
one floppy linux like tomsbtrt.

HTH, Andy
Andreas Rottmann (Dru@ICQ, 54523380@ICQ)
Pfeilgasse 4-6/725, A-1080 Wien, Austria, Europe
[one of 78,35% Austrians who didn´t vote for Haider!]

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