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Need help on RC? bug (autofs, #62954)


I noticied a bug in autofs. It has to do with some changes the
maintainer did to the rc-script - it used to work before (see
Bug#62954). I think it is release critical because it renders the
package unuseable to removal medias.

But the bug was not filed by me but by another person who agrees
with me. The only reason why he did not mark this bug as
"important" is that he has no patch available. But there is a
patch as a followup in the BTS.

Should I file another bug with "Severity: important", should I
followup a metoo to the bug, should I contact the maintainer
privately? Or do you suggest to change the severity of the
original bug? (I personnaly don't like this idea.)

However the patch in the BTS did not apply cleanly for me - it
seems to be missing some lines. I can provide my working and better
readable version on request.

Please don't flame me - I only want to see a _working_ autofs in

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