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Re: ssh problems with {master,va}.debian.org???

I was suspicious that it was something like that... Any idea of a
good/easy way to find out what my external IP address really is so I
can verify this?  I'm on a DSL connection with my ISP masquerading us
all together, so I don't know what address the world at large sees.


On Wed, May 17, 2000 at 02:09:50PM -0500, Jim Studt wrote:
> If your reverse and forward DNS entries don't match you will have
> this problem.  I just managed to convince my ISP to fix mine, it took
> 3 weeks.
> Your IP  address must map to a name which maps back to that IP
> address. This is probably the result have having...
> ... in /etc/hosts.deny.  The default as Debian is shipped.
> You can work around it with clever IPIP tunneling, masquerading, and
> control of a host with good DNS entries if you have to, but its a
> nusiance.

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