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Re: Stallman Admits to Copyright Infringement

Mike Bilow wrote:
> It is essentially irrelevant from Debian's perspective what Stallman
> thinks.  Debian is concerned with what the GPL actually says, and the
> meaning it has acquired in the community.  As far as I know, the GPL
> has never been interpreted by a court, but in the event that this had
> to happen one of the most important principles which would guide the
> court in construing the actual language is what the community thinks
> it means.

Yes, this is a good point.  It's pretty likely that I don't know enough
about the relationship among Debian, the GPL, Stallman, and the

Still, it seems likely that the opinion of the person responsible for
the license would weigh heavily, and judged by his actions, you would
think anyone could take the source and do with it what they will.

Paul Serice

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