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Packages needing a new maintainer

As I am moving to other challenges, I need to lighten my package load.
This means that the following packages need a new maintainer.

See below the package entries for generic notes and procedures.  If you
want to take one of these, be sure to read the bottom of this message!

I will orphan these (assign to Q&A group) if there are no takers:

      mmorph - a two-level morphology implementation
	  Upstream is very unresponsive but still alive.  There is
	  another Linux port that should be investigated.  There is
	  one outstanding bug that I have not been able to resolve
	  (possibly requires signing an NDA on a dataset to reproduce,
	  possibly not our bug at all).
      malaga - a natural-language grammar package
	  Infrequent releases, upstream responds sometimes with months
	  long delays but still responds.  No outstanding bugs.
          There is a new upstream release.

      poster - make big posters out of PS files
           Simple package, which I don't use.  No bug reports,
	   quiet (but responsive) upstream.
I will continue maintaining these even if there are no takers:

      hugs, hugs-doc - a Haskell 98 implementation (Classic Hugs)

	   This used to be a not so simple package, but since Classic
	   Hugs development is now in bugfix-only-mode, it should be an
	   easy beast.

	   Upstream is working on the hugs/ghc merger (STG Hugs) which
	   should be packaged as part of the GHC source package when it
	   is released.

      green-card - a Haskell foreign-function interface preprocessor
           If you are taking hugs, you should consider this one too.
	   Also if you are the GHC maintainer :-)
	   This one requires work: you should add support for the GHC
	   compiler, and (once it's packaged) for STG Hugs.

           Upstream releases are infrequent, but upstream is responsive.

      ctklight - a lightweight compiler writer's toolkit for Haskell
           This is a simple package, but you should be interested in
           compiler-writing and/or Haskell.  No outstanding bugs.

      Simple packages, no bugs, rare upstream releases:
	         mixal - implementation of Knuth's MIX
                 nase-a60 - Algol 60 implementation
      clif - a C interpreter

      rosegarden - an integrated music editor
            Many bugs.  Upstream is in an unenthusiastic bugfix mode for
	    this one, they are working on a full rewrite.

All of my packages use a build system of my own design.  Depending on
their age, they use different versions of that build system.  This means
that they may need some accustoming to.  I won't kill you if you convert
those you take into debhelper, though.  (But don't break them!:-)

If you want to take one or more of these packages, let me know.  I may
wait for a few days to respond, to gather more takers.  If there are
more than one taker,  I (or the takers together) will choose one to
take the package.  If I give you one of these packages, I expect you to
make an upload claiming the package ASAP.  Don't let anything (including
debhelperization and other such things) delay that upload.

I will prefer registered developers over sponsored prospective developers.
I will not give any of these packages to prospective developers without
a sponsor (that is: I will not sponsor anyone, or wait for someone to
get a sponsor).

%%% Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho % gaia@iki.fi % http://www.iki.fi/gaia/ %%%

                    I'm moving IRL on May 2, 2000.
               New contact information on the home page

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