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Re: potato late, goals for woody (IMHO)

Christian Surchi wrote on Wed May 03, 2000 um 02:51:23PM:

> I used till about one month ago, because I have a modem connection so I
> couldn't spend a lot of money for the upgrade online. Anyway I had a lot

Similar situation has been here for a longer time. Now I upgrade via
satellite connection (dvb-internet).

> of packages recompiled from potato and severals unofficial debs from many
> sources, x, gnome and postfix included.

I gave up recompiling packages since they were more and more
cross-dependencies between the package that would force me to recompile
the half potato distribution.

> I have many friends interesting in debian, but I can't propose slink
> because of old xserver in particular and obsolete gnome. 

The same thing here. Especially one friende would change to linux and is
asking me for a while for a stable and up-to-date distribution (as a
complete CD set!), which I would use too (Debian). But Slink cannot
realy be recommended any longer since it already contained many absolete
components when it was released, and the same situation seems to be
repeated in the potato release. 
Wake up guys, the time doesn't stand still, and the most people would
prefer a 95-percent-stable distribution NOW then a 99-percent-stable
distribution one year later. What about a general vote?

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