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Re: StarOffice_5.1 doesn't run on an autofs/nfs home-dir + nis passwds

"Ariel O. Garcia" proclaimed:
> I have StarOffice 5.1 installed on a client computer (home
> directories autofs mounted from an nfs server, and nis passwords), but it
> doesn't run anymore since I started to update slink (it worked ok with
> glibc2.0.7).
>   It blocks in  soffice_dir/bin/javaldx.
>   I tested setting the HOME to some local directory and it works fine.

This looks like a java problem.  I have almost the exact set up.  home
directories mounted through autofs.  User in NIS.  SOffice installed under
/usr/local/soffice with /net option.  User HOME has minimal SOffice
components under ~/Office51/.  The only difference is that I don't have any
JDK / JRE installed.  It works fine for me.

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