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Re: potato late, goals for woody (IMHO)

>>"Hamish" == Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> writes:

 Hamish> On Wed, May 03, 2000 at 05:53:18AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 >> Useless may be a bit strong. But I definitely could not
 >> justify recommending slink for a new install over another
 >> distribution at my place of work. Admittedly, they are conservative,
 >> and prefer CD installs over network installs, but there you have it. 

 Hamish> Manoj, please tell us exactly which tools in slink are too old
 Hamish> for your servers?

         Did I say servers? Anyway, we havea hetrogeneous shop
 here. We ahve HP-UX, solaris, True64 UNIX, AIX,  DG/UX, FreeBSD, and
 Linux. There is a certain commitment to Linux, but we are not a linux
 only shop by any means.

      We are also not a Debian only shop -- we have Red Hat, Mandrake,
 Turbo linux, SUSE, and now Debian. (I am not on site, so most
 admin is done by the folks in the office). They are pretty good about
 keeping things up to date -- anyone can pop in a CD and upgrade, and
 people routine do so. 

        We now compile software -- and it runs every where, but
 slink. Slink is obsolete; it does not fit in in a mixed development

        There is also the aspect of mismatches in some applications (I
 can dredge up the details, but essentially, machines running
 non-Debian have newer software, and moving over to slink requires a
 mind set shift).

      And potato is nice; but will be soon over shadowed by new 2.4
 based releases from everyone else.

       Liking Debian does not make me an non-realist ;-)

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