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intent to orphan - apt-move

Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be able to devote any significant
time to apt-move's development in the near future.  Since I don't
really want it to stagnate, I'd like to offer it up for adoption if
anyone's interested.  If no one picks it up I'll definitely continue
with it as soon as I'm able... I have absolutely no idea when that
might be, however.

As it currently stands, it could use a number of enhancements:

1) Handling an arbitrary number of remote mirrors, with differing
   anchor points (similar to apt's URIs).  Right now it can only handle
   two of them (one US and one non-US), which *must* strictly follow
   the standard layout.

2) Processing multiple architectures without the need need to juggle
   apt-move.conf files.

3) Incorporating binary-all as appropriate (goes with #2).

4) Support for http/ftp/etc. protocols (currently rsync only).

I'm sure there are others... those are just off the top of my head. 
Anyway, if you're interested please let me know.  Thanx!

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