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intent to package bootcd

I had been thinking about something like this for a
while.  I am currently running LRP / coyote linux off
a floppy for my firewall.  There is a limit how much
stuff you can fit on a floppy, I wondered if i could
stuff it all on a CD (the system I am using will boot
off cd's even though it is an old socket 5 mb).  The
problem would be to somehow get all my configurations
set before buring the cd image, though using a floppy
for the last little bit makes sense.  Any rw
filesystem requirements can go to ramdrive (my system
has 32mb).  And I dare any cracker to write on my cd
filesystem!!!!!  Worst case of this system being
cracked, just reboot and all traces of being cracked
are gone (unless he gets into the cmos somehow?)

I have written a .deb package to run debian diskless
from cd, for a 
project. I would like to publish it as official debian
package under 

Here is a part of the manpage:
--- snip --- snip ---
With bootcd it is possible to run diskless systems
from cd. Changes to 
running system will be done in ram. It is possible to
save Changes to a 
disk. This changes will be automatically restored at
boot time.

bootcdwrite is used to write a standard Linux
Installation to cd. The
Installation  must fit on one CD. It is possible to
write a filesystem 
per NFS to a local CD writer.

With bootcd2disk a CD build with bootcdwrite can be
copied to a Disk 
Partition from the running
cd-based system. Therefore bootcd could be used to
make rescue disks.

bootcdflopcp helps to copy changes to the floppy disk.
It will display 
it detects and ask the user, if this change should be
copied to floppy.
--- snip --- snip ---

Any comments? Is anybody else working on such a debian
If there is no reason against it, I will upload the
package on friday.

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