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Re: Question: True non-interactive network based install

On Wed, May 03, 2000 at 10:52:22AM -0400, Dennis Behrens wrote:
> I guess the easiest way would be to modify dbootstrap to do this, but I'm
> wondering if it just wouldn't be better to write a different package to take
> care of this.  If that's the case, then sure I'll do that, and definatley
> make it GPL'd of course (just have to arm-twist our legal department here,
> but it's worth it in this case)

Rather than modify dbootstrap, you just need to make sure you do
everything dbootstrap does -- which isn't really all that much.  Most
of its work is prompting the user ;-)

I don't think you'll find it's particularly difficult -- there are a
couple of similar projects out there (hopefully the authors of those
will read this and announce themselves)


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