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potato late, goals for woody (IMHO)

My god! it's been over a year since slink was released
and potato is still frozen.  Yes, I agree don't
release it till all the bugs are gone.  However may I
suggest something.  After potato is stable, and the
2.4 kernel is out (feature)freeze woody at at once
with the new kernel and start the release process for
woody.  This will allow Debian to play catch up with
the rest of the (linux) world.  

Currently I am running potato (works fine except for
my apropos being broken and I don't know how to fix
it) I may endup wiping it all out and re-installing it
(test the new boot floppies anyway).  Now that I
(finally) have a dsl connection (only 144/144 but
beats dialup anyway) I don't mind network installs.

BTW I am not (yet) a developer, but will run though
the gaunlet as soon as you open up the process.  I
would like to package or create some apps for ham radio.

Amateur Radio, when all else fails!


Debian Gnu Linux, Live Free or .....

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