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python-apt is looking for a good home..

  With several *months* since the last CVS commit, I think it's time for
me to admit that I don't have time to properly maintain the Python bindings for
libapt.  After this semester I /might/ have more time again to finish them up,
but I also have a number of other projects I'll have to timeslice between.  So
if there's anyone who's really interested in picking this project up, please let
me know.

  I think it would be best if you started by sending me patches, and if
I'm convinced that you can take it, it's yours.  (this shouldn't be hard, but
I'm protective of my code :) )  Currently the CVS tree is stored on Sourceforge,
so you might want to have an account with them.

  Of course, this being a free project, you can also just fork the tree
yourself, but since it's such an *important* project (note the dripping..er,
something-or-other), I'd like to try for an orderly transition from
non-development to development.


  "I've struggled with reality for thirty-five years, but I'm glad to say that
   I finally won."
     -- _Harvey_

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