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Re: Dividing my package..

Moved to Debian Devel because, as indicated below, there is no need
for this to be on debian-private.

Christian Meder <meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

> On Thu, Apr 27, 2000 at 06:16:17PM +1000, Mark Triggs wrote:

> > 	Due to a request I received a while ago, I'm going to split my
> > package, wterm, into two separate packages, "wterm" and "wterm-ml" (for
> > multi-language support).

> > The packaging side of things is all fine, and I've split it without too much
> > difficulty, but I'm unsure how to go about uploading it..

> > Should I just put the two .deb files (wterm[...].deb and wterm-ml[...].deb)
> > into incoming/ and hope that it all gets sorted out, or is there some other
> > way I should go about this?

> First off, this request is probably better suited for debian-devel and 
> _not_ debian-private.

> WRT package splitting: just upload your new debs along with the changes file.
> wterm will probably be installed automatically replacing the old package.
> wterm-ml will be recognized as a new package and will be installed when
> the ftpmasters have checked it in.

Based on recent experience I believe that the original package will
also be held up until the ftpmasters check it out.  I split my r-base
package for woody into r-base, r-gnome, and r-doc-pdf and uploaded
them.  So far they are all sitting in the incoming queue.  

It was about a month ago that I first did this for r-base_1.0.0-2.
Later, when R-1.0.1 was released as the upstream sources I uploaded
r-base_1.0.1-1, etc. even though the earlier packages were never
installed.  The most recent packages have been sitting in Incoming for
about 2 weeks.  If there is anything that I can do to help with the
processing of these new packages, I would be happy to answer
questions, provide explanations, etc.  (I do appreciate that the job
of the ftpmasters is hectic during the freeze period.)

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