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Re: i need a new sponsor

On 27 Apr 2000, Ron Farrer wrote:

> What will become of the applications that were submitted before the
> process was reopened? 
We will be dealing with them as soon as possible. At the moment I still
don't have all of that information. That problem is soon to be fixed.

I have been trying to hold the flow to a minimum during testing as we do
not yet have the web page/database interface completed. There has been a
lot of progress made in this area and it currently represents our highest
group priority. We are still, however, working on the process of moving
applications through the system, and may still be making refinements after
we open the doors publicly. 

As soon as we have something that will work in the public forum of our web
pages it is my intention to open the process completely. I can almost
guarantee that the current backlog of waiting applicants is very likely to
clog the system for a "short" time. As a result some folks may have to
wait a bit for an AM to become free enough to manager their application.

In the mean time I am not discouraging anyone from applying to
new-maintainer@debian.org if they would rather wait early than wait
later ;-)

A steady trickle of applicants is currently managable and certainly
valuable to arriving at the "working" process. Just keep in mind that
patience is the current watchword for the New Maintainer process.

If you have a burning desire to get some hands-on experience with this new
Debian proceedure, feel free to contact me about becoming an AM. We can
always use more help. If your life is full and you don't have a couple
hours a week to spend on the tasks of an AM, then please don't waste
everyone's time just to see what it looks like. The current process is
still completely open. All traffic on the administrative lists is CC'd to
the public subscription list of nm-discuss. If you are only interested in
how the process is shaping up, please subscribe to this mailing list.

You can subscribe by sending an e-mail to:


with the subject line of 'subscribe'.

Or you can go to the web page at:


and provide the information requested.

All help is appreciated.


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