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Re: apt-get should correctly process dependencies

> > Depends: virtual-package-foo
> > 
> > and leave it up to apt to pick up the default package that provides
> > vitual-package-foo? [...]
> I found it. It's in the Packaging Manual:
> /usr/doc/packaging-manual/packaging.html/ch-relationships.html
> See 8.6 "Defaults for satisfying dependencies."
> Apparently, the rationale is that dselect chooses the package randomly
> if not given a good first choice.

I suppose that the whole rationale is also applyable not only to dselect,
but also to apt and it's frontends? Maybe the words need a little change to
reflect this? Because if it doesn't then it doesn't apply to this case. :-)

Ok, then there is rationale to use a line like

Depends: smail | mail-transport-agent

But as the rationale said, dselect (or whatever) should suggest the package
with the most `fundamental' class (Base over Optional). Should it also pick
up the priority, as in Important over Extra.


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