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Re: [WARNING] List headers changing

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

> Basically this affects you only if you are filtering on the "From ...."
> line (not the "From: ..." line). A VERP is a "Variable Envelope Return Path".
> It's nothing new, and is supported directly by the MTA on Murphy
> (lists.debian.org). All we had to do was enable it from smartlist, and
> setup a handler to disect and interpret the bounces so smartlist could
> handle them directly.

And really, why on earth would you filter on the "From *" line when
there is that nice X-Mailing-List header that Debian's lists so nicely
provide?  (That reminds me - I need to go ask the list admin of
another list I'm on to add a header like that)

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